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    This site is for TVXQ (Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin) only. With that said, please refrain from mentioning any former members. Making threads/discussions about former members is not allowed and will result in an immediate warning. Any subsequent action will result in a ban.

    Please read the following to know the Do's and Don'ts on TVXQ!Today​
    Duplicate Accounts
    Duplicate accounts are not allowed on TVXQ!Today. Any duplicate accounts found will result in immediate deletion, and the user will be issued a warning. Following this warning, if any duplicate account is found associated with the user, all accounts will be banned without notice.

    Pictures and Videos
    Because TVXQ! has fans that span many generations, please be aware that there may be minors visiting the forum. As such, TVXQ!Today has a STRICT NO PORNOGRAPHIC OR VIOLENT IMAGES/VIDEOS policy. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in an immediate warning and removal of the related photo/video. Any subsequent posting will result in an immediate ban.

    TVXQ!Today respects the privacy of its members and does not share, sell or trade personal information. Please respect each other's privacy and DO NOT share another member's information (including, but not limited to, their phone number, picture, address, etc).

    Post Content
    • Do not spam. If you post many times in a row, they may be consolidated at the mod's discretion. Moderators also reserve the right to delete, move or modify threads and posts.
    • No illegal material. Please do not post download links to albums etc. Subbed video links may be provided.
    • NO TROLLING is allowed.
    Please do not harass our staff (including admin, moderators and translators). They are all incredibly busy people and will do their best to get back to you as soon as time allows.

    TVXQ!Today reserves the right to edit and add rules without notice.​
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