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A Special Tribute to Yunho~~~

Discussion in '30TH STORY BOOK' started by Uknow Paradise 1, May 17, 2015.

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  1. Uknow Paradise 1

    Uknow Paradise 1 Moderator

    May 16, 2015
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    To celebrate Yunho's 30th birthday, We make an electronic book or e-book. In this e book, We present a lot of things related to Yunho's career for the past few years in entertainment industry. This e-book is, however, still far from perfect. Any crtitics is accepted in order to improve this e-book.
    To open '.swf' file in your PC, you have to install Adobe Flash Player first. This is how the ebook will look like by usig Adobe flash player
    If you don't have Adobe Flash Player installed in your PC, you can use this software:
    • GOM Player, download HERE
    • Flash Player Pro, download HERE

    If you use GOM Player, you need to click on the cover button on the e-book first, because GOM Player will play the e-book in auto mode, so please click on the cover button first


    This is how the e-book will look like by using Flash Player Pro:

    You can also open this e-book using your Tablet, to open '.swf' file in your Tab, you have to install SWF Player - Flash File Viewer in your android device:


    This is how the e-book will look like by using Tablet:

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